A worldwide electronica internet-label established in Taiwan since 2006.
We focus on Breakcore / IDM /Chiptune / Jungle / Mutant Hardcore / Intelligent dubs and other Leftfield Electronica.


 I'm proud to introduce you this release. Sonic Deadhorse, Taiwanese one-man band, just releases his new collection album which contains movie soundtrack, a plenty of remixes, and daily works. Various genres, such as idm/post-rock/breakcore/soundscape are involved in this 65 min album! The album is co-released with Japanese netlabel-Otherman Records. 千呼萬喚始出來, 鄭各均 a.k.a. 台灣最扯一人大樂隊, 1/3 三牲獻藝, Sonic Deadhorse 推出繼 "When I Witness Your Fucking Sorrow"之後的全新作品集, 當中集結了電影配樂, 為人作嫁的remix, 琅琅灑灑24首歌! 同時與日本的Otherman Records 共同發行!

[Sociopath 018] Sonic Deadhorse - Hard Works for Shits - Film score & Remix select Volume1
Otherman Records: http://www.otherman-records.com
The release page on Otherman: http://www.otherman-records.com/releases/OTMN062 


JonBob is back since 2009 with the ep "The Best 24 Minutes Of Your Life". Now he brings a split ep called "Mashed Potatoeswith his brother Chairman Meow. In JonBob himself's part, intelligent, IDMish, and dancefloor-like drum'n'bass/jungle is found. On the other hand, hardcore/Frenchcore style is fully expressed by Chairman Meow. This split ep is co-released with LaserSquid Music.

[Sociopath 017] JonBob & Chairman Meow - Mashed Potatoes

Another returner, Clotaire 1er from France, releases his third album "Apocalypse Tcha! Tcha!" since 2012. The new album co-released with SLURP records shows a perfect fusion of '80 sci-fi , synth music, and breakcore. Recommended tracks: Casse ton sing, Je t’aime connasse, and others. Check it out right now!

[Sociopath 016] Clotaire 1er - Apocalypse Tcha! Tcha!


New sociopath, Keith Kazus from Belarus, just released his second album on Sociopath Recordings called "Amentek for Pussies". As the title expresses, this album shows a excellent fusion between amen junglebeats and hardcore kicks. During debut album on Cuntroll Records and other releases on Infinite Pandemic, Legs Akimbo, SKRD records. Now he is one of us! Check out his exciting works! 

[Sociopath 015] Keith Kazus - Amentek for Pussies


Batashi a.k.a. Bartlomiej from Poland released his beautiful breakcore ep "Closed Chapter" since last time he contributed a remix track for "Loffciamcore - Bad Touch At The Love Parade Remixes". In the ep, Batashi programmed many "LOVESONGS" with brilliant, sorrow melody but with violent high-speedy amenbreaks/hardcore kick drum! It is like a mixture of tequila and milk. Anyway, listen and feel the beats! 

[Sociopath 014] Batashi - Closed Chapter