A worldwide electronica internet-label established in Taiwan since 2006.
We focus on Breakcore / IDM /Chiptune / Jungle / Mutant Hardcore / Intelligent dubs and other Leftfield Electronica.

2011/05/24 NEWS:

V.A. - Sociopath Breakdown Vol.1&2 were reported on TRAX Magzine (France)

"Another international free music compilation, experimntal and often hard, coming form Taiwanese net label Sociopath Recordings: Sociopath Breakdown! The label equally celebrates, in it's way, this 200th release in 5 years of existance! Excuse the little...
Compliled in 2 volumes, it's composed of 61 artists and more than 200 minutes of breakcore, IDM, hardcore, grindcore and other chiptuen music. And the result is like the visuals that illustrate the compilation: A joyous car crash colourful on a hypnotic black and white background. From Asia, Europe, Latin and North America, from Russia...all of these sounds intersect, tangle and finsh by returning in a collision with the fragile brain of the listener., , who would expect a little, for little that he has taken the care to read the evocative titles: God Damned hippy, Rave on !, CCC riot, I Say Drink That Shit, 218 Bananes Par Minute etc... It can not be invented, It can be listened. This motley compilation is a seeting, explosive melting-pot of music. With the swinging breakcore sounds of Infekkted, to speedcore inhabited by weird Asian voices acidised by Alex Tune, to the lively glitch of [P-R-Z], the more experimental sounds of Ruby my Dear, each piece is an end of madness reduced of the four corners of the earth. Our only regret is the lack of any musicians from the content of Africa... Soiciopath Breakdown risks quickly becoming a veritable anthology of hard music debuting in the 21st century. Free to download on sociopath-recordings.com" Thanks for the translation by TalixZen Cleveland (a.k.a. Slutto)
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