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We focus on Breakcore / IDM /Chiptune / Jungle / Mutant Hardcore / Intelligent dubs and other Leftfield Electronica.


 I'm proud to introduce you this release. Sonic Deadhorse, Taiwanese one-man band, just releases his new collection album which contains movie soundtrack, a plenty of remixes, and daily works. Various genres, such as idm/post-rock/breakcore/soundscape are involved in this 65 min album! The album is co-released with Japanese netlabel-Otherman Records. 千呼萬喚始出來, 鄭各均 a.k.a. 台灣最扯一人大樂隊, 1/3 三牲獻藝, Sonic Deadhorse 推出繼 "When I Witness Your Fucking Sorrow"之後的全新作品集, 當中集結了電影配樂, 為人作嫁的remix, 琅琅灑灑24首歌! 同時與日本的Otherman Records 共同發行!

[Sociopath 018] Sonic Deadhorse - Hard Works for Shits - Film score & Remix select Volume1
Otherman Records: http://www.otherman-records.com
The release page on Otherman: http://www.otherman-records.com/releases/OTMN062